Cantankerous Ordo Sandalorian Starlet (swankorama) wrote in jeffersonghetto,
Cantankerous Ordo Sandalorian Starlet

Sublease in a 2/2 duplex near campus.

Get away from expensive student housing! Let's face it: it's noisy, crowded, and you are overcharged for what you get.

Your dorm and apartment woes are over! I am looking for a roomie to sublease a room in a duplex!

Who: I need to room with a female, preferably.

What: Nice size master bedroom, private bathroom. House includes good size living room and large kitchen. I have it decorated nicely, and I have a leather couch!

Where: Right off University and Dean, about five minutes driving time from campus. You won't find a nicer place to live near campus.

When: Lease starts July 1.

Why: The rent is only $337 a month (+ utilities)! I already have cable internet hooked up (wireless as well). It's a QUIET neighborhood of mostly families, away from traffic and noise. We have a yard in the front and the back and a screened porch. The management here is quick to fix any problems and are easy to get ahold of.

I have photos of the place, and if you'd like to come by and take a look, you are more than welcome! If you are interested, please email me:

Oh, and tell your friends if they are looking for a place that's not student housing and is nice and quiet!
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